In these times of unprecedented disruption, most businesses are moving to virtual and video interviewing – as opposed to telephone or face-to-face hiring. Some are doing this for the first time. Whatever your video-conferencing platform may be, here are some top tips for delivering a reputable virtual interview.

Top tips for navigating interviews on a video-conferencing system:

1. Mind the tech: it may seem trivial, but some simple reminders will ensure a smoother experience.

  • Device plugged in? Sound working? Headphones handy? Surroundings relatively quiet?
  • Have a plan B. If the system fails, make sure you have a contact number for the interviewer so you can ring them direct.

2. Check your connections: don’t let tech problems spoil a good interview.

  • Do not let something like a poor connection get in the way of an interviewer’s evaluation. Make sure to separate the experience of delivering a virtual interview from the interview itself.
  • Aim to take notes on the content of what the interview is discussing and make note of additional questions that you might want to ask.

3. Virtual eye contact: try and send the right messages with virtual visual cues. This is because you won’t actually be able to make eye contact.

  • It may feel unusual, but when you are talking, try to look at the little camera as it will visually appear that you are speaking directly to the interviewer.

4. Stay focused: distractions will be obvious to the interviewer.

  • Make sure to close down all other applications on your computer so that you are not distracted by incoming messages.
  • If you are typing notes, take hand written notes or try to use a separate keyboard as it will be very loud at the other end.

5. Have fun and be yourself!

  • Don’t let virtual reality obscure who you are in real life. Although you may not be in the interviewer’s office, remember that you are still promoting your personality, skills and experience.

We hope you find these tips helpful.  At TalentStaff, we take a great deal of pride in helping people not only find rewarding positions, but also grow personally.

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